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Tuesday, March 6 (Day 1)

When What’s Happening
Morning Registration
Mid-day Startup Fair
Elevator Pitch
Afternoon Breakout Session I
Pitch Seminfinals
Breakout Session II
The Pitch at Ignite

Wednesday, March 7 (Day 2)

When What’s Happening
Morning Registration
Mid-day Keynote and Lunch
Afternoon Workshops
Closing Celebration
  • Show Me the Money! How Do You Fund a Startup?
  • Negotiate Like a Woman
  • Design-Driven Innovation
  • Did I Do That? Founders Share Their ‘Oh Crap!’ Moments & How They Recovered
  • Who Wants to Buy This Anyway?
  • Choose Your Bedfellows & Prevent Founder Blowup
  • It’s More Than Cool! Identify Your Value Proposition
  • What the Heck is IP?
  • Telling Your Story
  • Crowdfrenzy: Strategic Crowdfunding
  • Don’t Tell Investors There’s No Competition