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Registration & Breakfast



Mentoring Hours

Breakout Sessions I

Startup and Resource Fair

Breakout Sessions II

Lunch & Entrepreneur Challenge Elevator Pitch Competition

Future of the Innovation Economy

Breakout Sessions III

Breakout Sessions IV

Closing Remarks

Blue LINC and IndieBio

Triton Entrepreneurs Idea Competition

The Pitch @ IGNITE

Breakout Session I

  • Show Me the Money! How Do You Fund a Startup?
  • Follow the Market: Innovating Your Business Model
  • Negotiate Like a Woman
  • LEAN Launch: Business Model Canvas
  • Design-Driven Innovation: Building the Team, Building the Company

Breakout Session II

  • Did I Do That? Founders Share Their ‘Oh Crap!’ Moments & How They Recovered
  • Win Those Terms: Fishbowl Negotiation of Terms Sheet with Investor & Entrepreneur
  • Patent 2.0
  • LEAN Launch: Who Wants to Buy This Anyway? Identifying Your Customer Segments
  • Ask Us Anything! (About Startups…)

Breakout Session III

  • Choose Your Bedfellows & Prevent Founder Blowup
  • Rapid Prototyping & Human Centered Design in Social Innovation
  • LEAN Launch: It’s More Than Cool! Identify Your Value Proposition
  • What the Heck is IP? Hot Seat Q&A with Licensing Officers & Lawyers
  • Easier Said Than Done: Telling Your Story

Breakout Session IV

  • BAM! PR with Power
  • Crowdfrenzy: Strategic Crowdfunding
  • Don’t Tell Investors There’s No Competition
  • Pathways from Lab to Startup: Faculty Roles from Seat on the Board to CEO Founder
  • Amp Up Your Game

12:00pm – 1:30pm
Entrepreneur Challenge Elevator Pitch Competition 

The $10,000 Elevator Pitch Competition is a smaller scale, lighthearted competition designed to inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Teams involved will craft a 90-second pitch to impress the panel of judges. Following up the competition will be workshops designed to improve the way you pitch your idea. Contestants can win up to $2,500 for 1st place.

Who should apply:

This is IGNITE’s midstage competition, appropriate for teams that have a general development of their idea.

3:30pm – 5:00pm
Idea Competition

Is your idea still scribbled on the back of a napkin? The Idea Competition is a chance to put it to the test. Individuals will craft a short presentation outlining the problem they see and their idea for solving it and receive valuable feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors. Top teams will walk away with a package of goodies to take the first steps in moving from idea to reality.

Who should apply:

An early stage competition, this contest is designed for those just starting out with an idea.

5:30pm – 8:30pm
The Pitch @ IGNITE 

So you think you’re the best? Come and prove it! Pitch against the best of the best from UC San Diego, San Diego State University and University of San Diego and fight for your university’s honor!

Who should apply:

For those who’ve honed their idea, an opportunity to present to the San Diego entrepreneurial ecosystem.

All competitions require separate registration